a bit of christmas a few days early

i walked out to my car this morning around 645am to leave for work.
there was snow on it, so i opened the door to start it and then was going to scrape it off.

well, when i briefly slid in my seat to turn the car on real quick before scraping,
i noticed a cute little note stuck in the middle of my steering wheel:

i went ahead and started the car, a bit befuddled by the note.
as i always do, as soon as i turned the car on,
i turned down the music so it wouldn't be too loud in the early morning hours
and turned on the defrost before going to scrape.

i looked around and couldn't see any present.
i thought 'no, this isn't a new car'.
checked the back seat...
well, i knew the note was from Jae.
maybe he just wanted to leave me a cute note for kicks & giggles?
then i glanced at my dash, where the screen displays the name of whatever music is playing.
it was on track 1 (not where i remembered leaving it yesterday)
and it read
"it's beginning to look a lot like christmas".
i definitely didn't have a christmas CD in my player before!

so i turned up the volume and of course -
Michael Buble's new christmas CD was playing!

oh that tricky mr. Jae!
he had gone out last night, after i fell asleep and switched out the CD, putting my new
christmas CD in for me to listen to for a few days before christmas is over
instead of waiting and giving it to me on christmas day.
he's a smarty.

i LOVE the CD! i even brought it into work with me and have been listening to it while i work.
do you guys have it yet?
it's fabulous.
track numbers 5, 7, & 10 are my favs.
what are yours?

i love that mr. Jae :)


  1. so cute!!! i love it. that jae is a sweetie :)

    i got the album a few weeks ago and totally love it, can't go wrong with michael buble though!

    merry early christmas!

  2. That Jae, what a sweetheart. Those Horrocks boys sure were raised right by their momma.