too early?

it seems around this time of year, you belong to one side or the other -- either you are a Christmas fanatic and start listening to FM100's 24/7 Christmas music as soon as you put away your Halloween costume, or you like to enjoy your holidays, each and every one, and practically protest anything Christmas until after Thanksgiving.

i can't really say i'm either, honestly. although i do really enjoy Thanksgiving and don't want to just run right over it with jingle bells, i sometimes have a hard time changing the station when a fun Christmas song comes on the radio or i see the Christmas aisle at the store. sooo i guess there's also some inbetween's like me. only a few.

so anyway, i've been conjuring up a little list of wishes for Christmas {even though Jae and i already bought ourselves our Christmas present - a new bed set complete with comforter and sheets and the whole shabang...oh yeah...and a new house that we've totally re-done}. and of course, as i'm writing this, i'm remembering the post i wrote just a few days ago about remembering what's important and being grateful for what i have...but everyone can have wishes still, right?? so consider this sincerely just a wish list. 

**Hunger Games series (i borrowed them all when i read them)

**Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion (it just smells soo good)
**Dansko's (either in black, gray, or red...i'm undecided)

**Infinity scarves (i just love them the best)

have you thought about your wishlist yet? or are you being a
grinch until november 25th? ;)


  1. well, you KNOW i'm the grinch when it comes to christmas outshining thanksgiving. HOWEVER -- i'm not opposed to putting together a wish list now, i mean i'd rather get christmas shopping out of the way as soon as possible because it stresses me out and showing at stores is a nightmare.

    and speaking of the hunger games books, did you see the trailer for the movie?! i almost died. it looks so good. midnight showing?!

    and hi -- circle scarves are so cute! i don't own one (yet) but i just love them anyway. good list!!

  2. and by "showing at stores" i meant "shopping at stores" of course.

  3. Oh boy, yes I DO DO DO have a list (that I strategically left on the computer desk for caleb's little wandering eyes to discover)! I'm actually really fighting the urge to put up "winter" decor since there is snow on the ground. I love my Thanksgiving but my car radio has accidentally found the Christmas station already. hee hee hee.

  4. Oh Danskos....they just take me right back to my mission...

    I don't really have a big list of stuff I want this year; actually, now that I'm really working on cleaning our apartment more, I'm realizing that I probably have TOO much stuff. That said, most of the items on my Christmas list (that my Mom forced out of me) are books--lots and lots of books. I'll never have too many of those :)

  5. I've been meaning to post a Christmas list too. Maybe we will get each other when we draw names. :)
    By the way, I pulled out the ornaments you bought me and bought some other bird ornaments at Pottery Barn to go with. Should be cute! Love you.