our house: INSULATION & DRYWALL!!!!

ummm i'm not sure if you heard me. so let me just say it again........INSULATION AND DRYWALL! the last couple of weeks have been full of those two things, and can i just say, i couldn't have expected the happiness i experienced when walking through our house the first time, seeing all the insulation down and the drywall up. thank the heavens above, it's beautiful!

we have had quite the furnace problems lately, though, hence causing mud to not dry on time problems, and it has delayed our drywall/mudding/taping process. everything was supposed to be done today, but very-long-and-very-lame story short, it should all be done by monday.

anyway just wanted to share some pictures of our beautiful drywall and mud and stuff. i'm sure all the pictures will look similar to you (all the rooms are mostly covered in white now - all the bedroom walls were kind of horrific after pulling all the wallpaper, panelling, and glass square crap down so they patched them all up), but they look absolutely wonderful to us :)

and one of my personal favorites...

he loves that i take so many pictures. clearly.


  1. First of all I always laugh out loud when I read your blog because you are just cute and funny and I like your writing style. Second (which really deserves to be first, but whatev) WOW!!! Everything looks Awesome!!! I like that you take pics :)

  2. Wow! It doesn't even look like the same house!

  3. Your house is coming along great. Happy day!

  4. Is it just me or does Jackson look like he has a hook-hand in that first picture?! lol!! i'm so excited to help you paint, its really coming along now!!

  5. yay Im excited for you. Its looking so good

  6. i LOVe house projects! hubs and i just got a clawfoot tub in our bathroom! so perfect since our house is 120 years old!