some things from the weekend

hey there.
 well, thanksgiving weekend came and it went.
it was an enjoyable time for us, although we didn't get much relaxing done.
but here are a few things that we did do:

{no, there aren't any pictures for this post, i apologize. blogging at work = no pictures to post}

 spent the night at IKEA. $1000 later, we have the rest of our kitchen cabinets. again.

 Thanksgiving day. we tried to sleep in, but can't ever seem to sleep past 8 or 830 anymore, so we spent the morning in our jammies in bed, watching the Macy's parade. we had Thanksgiving lunch with Jae's family. there was just 7 of us plus baby ben, which was kind of nice. low-key. quiet. looked through all the ads while our food settled. it was nice. (speaking of - chelsea, i can't get that delicious pie out of my head! i must make it.) then it was off to Thanksgiving dinner with my family. this time, there was 14 of us, 6 of which were children. little bit louder! it was so nice to be with everyone. we played some card games while our food settled for a second time.

  at 12 am, yes you guessed it, we were out with all the other crazies, standing in line, freezing our bums off, waiting to do some black friday shopping. we only went to one store, target, and only got a few small things. camera, one of target's famous super-soft blankets, and a dvd. and for those 3 things, we stood in the checkout line for about 45 minutes. good thing jordan & chelsea were with us or we might not have made it! we finally got home to bed by about 145am. we were back up around 830am and heading down to our house to work. we started painting! alllll day long.

priming and painting all day. around 6pm we headed out to our friends cara and adam's house to house/dog sit for them. mary & vince came over and hung out for awhile. we watched sports. big surprise! by about 11pm, we were all pretty tuckered out, and called it a night.

8am we were up with doggies and cuddled with them until jae left for work. i left shortly after he did, went home, got ready, went to church. the rest of my afternoon was spent doing laundry and, yep, more painting. jae got off work, we had a quick dinner, and got another couple of hours of painting in. i actually really enjoy painting. but 3 days in a row of it is tiring!

then monday came. and it was back to regular life, which means lots of work and not much time for other things. we were going to go get another coat of paint done at our house but decided we needed a night off - we're worn out.

and that about sums it up. did you like that recap? oh good. hope you all had a
fantastic holiday weekend. now only about 3 more weeks until we have another one!


  1. Well that is just cute--we were within yelling distance of each other while waiting in line at midnight on Black Friday (Matt and I were at Kohl's).

    Can't wait to see pictures of your newly painted house!

  2. thanks for letting us hang out with you guys, i had fun even if we did just watch sports and play 'would you rather'!

  3. Yay for cabinets and painting!! sounds like your thanksgiving was awesome :)