i'm {blank} because..

{got this idea from Little Miss Momma}

i'm weird because..
*i have a hard time finishing things i eat...i'll eat 3/4's of a banana or yogurt and throw it away..just because
*i don't like sleeping with the closet door open (although i've gotten more ok with it the last couple years)
*i like to match my hangers to whatever clothing item is hanging on them
*i can shake my eyeballs super fast back and forth
*i really like writing with markers/sharpies/nice gel pens

i'm a bad friend because..
*i don't keep in touch/stay up to date on their lives like i should
*if someone texts or calls me and i'm sleepy, i probably won't respond. sleep conquers all.
*sometimes i have a hard time going out for 'girls nights' cuz i just want to stay home & hang out with jae

i'm a good friend because..
*i pretty much rock at remembering dates and hardly every forget people's birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
*if someone needs something from me, i will do my best to make it happen
*i was a bridesmaid to more friends than i can even keep track of

i'm sad because..
*our house still isn't done
*people are jerks and don't have respect for others or their belongings
*i don't know if we'll get to go to China for our anniversary after all

i'm happy because..
*after a ton of hard work/hours/sweat/tears/muscle/money, our house is this close to being done
*i have Jae
*it's Thanksgiving this week
*i get thursday and friday off this week - paid.

i'm excited for..
*lots of turkey and mashed potatoes and rolls in the near future
*time with family
*having babies
*a new year to begin
*it to be 5 o'clock

{oh, and just to update on 'yesterday', the insurance will NOT cover our
 brand new kitchen cabinets that were taken. awesome.}


  1. love this post! a few thoughts:
    -i rarely finish things i eat too.
    -closet doors must be closed before bed. also, our bedroom door must be closed too.
    -girls nights are hard for me too sometimes because i miss vince too much.
    -i'm happy its thanksgiving this week too, because lets be honest its like my favorite holiday ever!
    -i get thurs and friday off too! but only thursday paid. oh well, a day off is a day off!
    -i'm excited for you to have babies too! and me, of course. someday...

    random thoughts are my favorite! loved the post :)

  2. Oh man--paid vacation? I am LIVING for that day...

  3. hey i was going to do this!!