midweek meltdown

so i was thinking.
it's kinda funny how quickly life
can go 
and down
and up
over and over. 
isn't it funny?
sometimes not the funniest game.
yesterday it was on an upward slope.
today it started going backwards a bit.
i don't so much like backwards, turns out.

turns out our wood floors that we excitedly uncovered have mold under them.
probably not under all of it.
but likely under most of it.

also turns out that electrical work takes lots of $$$.
which was mostly expected,
but not really completely expected at the amount it came in at.
bring in the second round of boooooos.

i know that we bought this house for a reason.
i know it all worked out (fairly) smoothly
and fell into place because it was supposed to.
and i still believe we'll get where we're meant to get to.
but man, why all the mountains to climb??
makes my head hurt.
not to mention my feet.
and wallet.

second half of Maine trip to come.
first 4 days of house demo to come, also.



  1. {{hugs}} love you friend, let us know if we can help you guys with anything!

  2. Sorry things aren't going as smoothly as hoped. It will all work out though. *hug*

  3. dang. All your hard work will pay off I'm sure. I often feel the same way about the many mountains there are to climb... You are doing great. XXXX