Maine reunion, pt. 1

we are currently in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.


i've been here since saturday, jae since sunday
(i guess technically early monday morning),
and we leave saturday to come home.
we're trying to soak in every last second
of our sweet escape before coming back to reality.

here's a few favorite moments we've had so far:

plane ride. it was ok, but i was all by my lonesome so it could've been better.

trying to get a break from the sun.

the kiddos making sandcastle cities
Hattie, Quinn, Liam, Clara, Milo

one of those oops-forgot-it's-zoomed-in shots

the ocean! wow we look pasty. i swear we're not that white??

Portland Headlight

Jae felt the need to hop the safety fence and climb onto this
cliff for a neat picture.

Jae helping River fly a kite!
we reeeally struggled with flying kites.

nap time for Liam and I.
Nickelodean time for the others.

ferry ride to Peaks Island
Liam, me, Hyde, Quinnie

a cool building that we saw on our ferry ride.
it had grass/plant stuff on top.

ferry ride.
it was sooo nice.

Otto's pizza! in honor of our grandpa Otto :)

PERFECT bike weather

Hana & Zack (and Zack's way too big spaceship helmet)
giving uncle Jae a push

that's the first half of the week.

did i mention we're here with my whole entire family?
meaning like all my 4 sisters and their families.
that includes 11 adults, 1 teenager, & 11 kids under 11.
good times!

part 2 to come....


  1. i love jae's tan line! you guys look like your having fun! lots of cute pictures!

  2. Looks gorgeous! I'm pretty jealous--I've been wanting to go check out the East coast forever. You look great!

  3. OOooo I love the lighthouse :) looks like fun!

  4. cute pictures -- i especially love the one of you riding the bike, totally cute! can't wait to see more!