first purchase

Jae and i spent our 4th of July afternoon at none other than IKEA!
a really american place to hang out, yes? we thought so.

like i've said before, with this house we're buying, it's a total gut it and re-do it kinda house.

when Jae and i got married, and probably even before, we planned out things we'd like in our house someday. everyone does that, right?

well, one of the very first things we put on our list that we both immediately agreed on was a farm sink.

it just so happens that IKEA has a couple of those said farm sinks. and it also just so happened on that 4th of July day, Jae and i found a fabulously LARGE farm sink for less than a THIRD of the original price! WHAAA???? i know. you're all jealous.

we most definitely bought it. these sinks are normally just over $300, (and that's the low end of pricing for these babies) and with everything else that we're going to have to buy in the next couple of months, we weren't sure we'd be able to get a farm sink right now. so basically we were SUPER excited we were able to get one. here is our first purchase for our first home!!

and here's another pic, just to kind of give you an idea of what it looks like put together in the kitchen in case you aren't familiar with them.

well there she is! our beautiful, white, HUGE double farm sink.
but seriously, it's so big and heavy. i know. i carried it.

and i know what you're thinking....it's just a sink...that's kinda weird to be so excited
about a sink. but i don't care. i'm super excited about our sink!
can't wait to have it in our new kitchen!



  1. No NOT DUMB! I LOVE farm sinks! yeah, I'm totally jealous ;) Can't wait to see more posts on the house! eeeks :)

  2. Hooray for your first purchase! Ryan's sister has a farm sink, and loves it. Great purchase my friend!

  3. We get This Old House Magazine (I know, I know) and every time I see a picture of a farm sink/aproned sink I make Jesse listen to how much I love them.

    When we visit next I will drool over your sink.

  4. a farm sink is actually on my list of things for my dream home. Yes i have an actual list... it will happen one day. one...day.