cami's cure crew

last saturday, i got to take part in a really special event.

Jessica, a girl i went to high school with, has a niece, Cami, who at her young age of 5 has already experienced cancer. can you even imagine?

well, because of this amazing little girl, and many others like her, (that are FAR too young to have to go through this illness), there was a cancer cure walk at liberty park in salt lake. they started off the morning by introducing all the precious cancer patients. then they let them all let a white balloon go into the sky along with a moment of silence for all the kids that battled cancer and had their lives taken away.

over 1400 people showed up to walk and they raised over $72,000 to go towards cancer patients and cancer research!
how awesome is that?!! it was the biggest walk this year to date. go slc.

i spent most the walk with the lovely Sarah, playing catch up and just enjoying the beautiful summer morning. we also met up with Casey and Jess!

but the best part was tagging along right behind the girl of honor, the reason we walked in the first place - this cute girl Cami!

it was seriously such a special experience. this disease isn't something Cami asked for or deserves, but she is such a strong, special little girl that lights up a room and makes everyone so happy. i only got to spend a few moments with her, but i could just tell she definitely has a special spirit :)

thanks for letting me spend the morning with you, Cami!


  1. What a special day! We donated, but sadly, were not in town for it. I'm so glad everything turned out so great! Cami really is one amazing little girl. An inspiration to us all.