oh well hello

soooo i'm kind of going to be a copy-cat. but i'm being a copy-cat of someone who was also being a copy-cat. so i decided that makes it all ok. right? ok. right.

i have a few fun randoms to answer for you, but i'd also love if you would answer the same fun randoms for me! capiche?? here goes..

a. what is your real name, and what is your nickname? real name: Mara. some nicknames are mars, mars bars, mar, may, ummmm there are prob more

b. what is your hometown, and what's your favorite thing about it?  well, i was born in delano, ca, but my hometown is definitely bountiful. and, of course, it's the 'bountiful bubble'. both a blessing and a curse :) but i love bountiful all the same!

c. what are three of your favorite blogs?  this one's hard! but if i must, right now i'd say NieNie dialogues, all things lovely, and little miss momma

d. what is your favorite movie of all time?  this is also a super hard one. who can honestly pick a favorite movie? i've never been able to. ONE fav is probably money pit. which no one even knows cuz it's old and random and not super popular. but i can pretty much quote the whole movie. i think that automatically makes it qualify as a favorite. ok, and i must mention tristan & isolde. there's my girly, lovey-dovey chick movie pick.

e. what is your favorite food?  pretty much anything loaded with carbs. aka breads, ROLLS, pasta. also, i could eat ice cream every day for.sure. did i mention rolls?

f. what was your favorite tv show growing up? i did really like full house. and the price is right. my sister and i would fight over the 'best' kitchen chair to watch the price is right every morning while eating breakfast.

g. if you had to choose, Peeta Mellark or Edward Cullen and Gilbert Blythe or Mr. Darcy?  i love this hehe. definitely peeta and gilbert. definitely.

NOW IT'S YOUR TURN!!! either copy and paste in a comment or copy and re-post on your own blog! please. happy weekend guys :)


  1. I know "Money Pit." Makes me laugh every time!

  2. love this! and i'm so copying!

    you forgot the nickname i call you (although, may is one i call you, too) -- but i always call you marla!!

  3. I love the movie Money Pit! It never gets old for us. :)

    And I love that the "Bountiful Bubble", Both a blessing & a curse. Made me laugh!

  4. I watched Money Pit with Matt (who'd never seen it before), and he totally hated it.

    I loved it though because it brought me right back to those good ol' days in the Frederickson basement watching Money Pit while your mom brought us down snacks :)

  5. haha oh mary i knew i was forgetting some! my bad! i'm so happy that so many of you know money pit! usually people just give me a weird look when i talk about it. and torrie - matt just doesn't understand. i'm pretty sure jae didn't care for it either. good times in the basement while my mom continually fed us :) haha