back in style

i think for a long time (at least when we're young and teens and dumb and stuff) the thought of wearing a one piece swimsuit is like, so totally appauling. 

but lately it seems more and more stores and brands are coming out with some of the CUTEST one piece suits i have seen in a long time!

today, i found this one and want it lots and lots.

don't you??

SOOOO cute.

that's all.


  1. lime ricki is the ONLY place i buy swimsuits anymore...i absoluty LOVE them!!
    They are all made so well and you're right finding a CUTE one peice OR tankini used to be so hard...or maybe its just because we were unwilling to look in the right places "way" back then, ha ha ha.

    My belly, thighs, and large butt have made my horizons broden :)

  2. I have one from there, it's a one piece. I look like Minnie Mouse in it, it's red and white polka dots.