money poll

hey all you married folk: LISTEN UP!!

so, yes, jae and i have been married over a year now, but i want to ask your opinion on something.

when you all got married, what did you do with all your monies??

did you: keep your separate accounts?
                                        keep separate accounts and create a joint one?
                                            completely join all your monies in a new account?

 what did you do??? what would you suggest?

thanks guys.


  1. combine ALL your money, joint accounts seem so silly to eric and i.
    I realize you are both working and proabaly early different salaries but you are a COUPLE, therefor your spendings could be combines (in our mind).
    It seems super stressful for me to have seperate accounts because then you have to figure out whos paying what bills, whos paying for what when you go out and more of a battle that way.
    Plus, when you are trying to SAVE money you can see excatly where all your money is going and its easier to keep track of whats coming in vs going out.

    SO there you have it...the perspective of 2 bankers :) well, i WAS a banker...no so much anymore. LOL

  2. Matt and I are planning on keeping our individual accounts and then opening up a joint one. We'll put both of our paychecks into the joint one and then section off a little bit into our individual ones so that we have an "allowance" for personal stuff, and we'll use the joint one to pay for bills and necessaries.

  3. We went about 3 years with seperate accounts. We had 1 joint checking and we each had our own checking accounts. That worked well enough until we sat down and put a budget together for the first time about a year ago. Using our own accounts was nice, but it was hard to keep track of everything. Since we've combined accounts budgeting is super simpler. Now we have one checking account and 2 savings accounts. One for short term savings like vacation, car repairs, home repairs, and other goals, and one for long term savings like emergency funds.

  4. we combined all of our income and accounts. it's difficult to keep a budget when there are multiple accounts, because it's easier to cheat on the budget when you have separate accounts because you can hide things. For us, combining everything has been a big trust building experience. Just like Ryan G said....we have one checking account and then we have 3 savings accounts. One for birthdays, car insurance, anniversary, tuition, etc. we made a budget for all of those things and figured out an amount each month that we needed to put in that savings account so that when our anniversary or brothers birthday came around we had the money in a separate savings and we didn't have to spend the money in our checking. the other savings account is for emergencies. and the last savings is for vacations :)
    sorry if this doesn't make any sense....

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  6. Join them. :) AND do 2 savings accounts. That's my opinion. I like the short term+long term saving accounts.

  7. We have one checking account. And two saving accounts. One for emergencies (car repairs, broken bones, etc...) which we always try to keep $1000 in. Then we have our other savings account that we use for tuition and long term goals. We will be opening a third savings account soon though... for our kids college tuition... yikes!

  8. We have a cd account that has a large well large for us that we just let grow and grow and we put a lock on it for five years so we can't even touch it... some days i hate that, but then i think about how much it will grow. We have two checking accounts separate and one joint savings, but we have access to each others accounts. I hope you find something that works for you guys. The way we do it doesn't work for everyone:) good luck. I love your blog.

  9. we got a joint checking account when we got married and both our paychecks go in to that. we do both still have our personal checking accounts from before we were married, and mostly only use those for birthdays and christmas -- we'll set a limit and transfer some money from the joint account in to those individual accounts. that way its easier to keep presents a secret (so the other doesn't see a charge for somewhere and know what they are getting). so far its worked well for us. both our personal accounts have savings accounts as well, but we dont really use them -- but we should. i think it would help to have short/long term savings like ryan and others have said.

    good luck with your financial goals!!

  10. We kept both of our personal accounts and just made them both into joint accounts. We also added each other on major c-cards. It does get tricky when buying presents and keeping it a secret, so withdrawing cash works for that purpose (as if I ever remember to do that). We only really use one account for budgeting everything.