list of 4's

well, it's happened. i've officially been blog-tagged for the first time. pretty exciting, i know. the lovely sarah beth (although her blog is private, sorry folks) tagged me in this fun little 4's dealio, so here goes!

4 shows i watch:
*grey's (which i watch by myself since jae can't stand it)
*biggest loser (makes me cry every week)
*teen mom (yes, i love it. and so does jae. so there.)
*american idol (i only wish i could sing like some of those peeps)

4 things i'm passionate about:
*being the best person you can be. every day.
*my husband and our life together
*the gospel

4 phrases i say a lot:
*love you! (can't say it enough!)
*i'm hungry (sarah, we should be friends ;))
*i'm cold (and jae's always saying he's too warm)
*i'm sleepy (ALL the time)

4 things i've learned from the past:
*you can't change it!! what's done is done. learn from the past and move on.
*teenagers are really not smart. i was one of those. i see that now.
*it's the little things that matter. not where you bought your shirt, or what big plans you have for the weekend.
*love is all you need. as cliche as it may be, it's as true as true can be.

4 things i did yesterday:
*worked. ick.
*drove out to west valley (i think..) after work, and then home. double ick.
*ran at the gym (that's a bittersweet ick)
*snuggled with my love (now that's definitely not an ick)

4 places i would love to visit:
*new zealand

4 things i'm looking forward to:
*our first house
*having a baby/being a mother
*getting off work

4 things i love about spring:
*summer dresses. well, all the fun warm weather clothes in general.
*it's the season right before summer :)
*the warm rainshowers


...now we'll find out if anyone actually reads this ;)


  1. oh girl, you should move up to logan so we can be bff's. we will watch grey's together, cry during biggest loser together, and all the while we will be EATING! yessssssssss! xo

  2. Pff. Of course I read. I'll get on it later

  3. sarah. my love. i'm NOT moving to logan. the correct answer is you move back down here so we can be bff's. duh. and chels, i knew you would! ;)

  4. Mara, I LOVE biggest Loser too! Sarah Nitta was in my ward growing up, she's amazing! She posted on FB that there is a meet and greet in Logan tomorrow. Shawn and I are going, you guys should come up! It's at the Golden Corral from 4-8