thursday thoughts

* there are some STRANGE people in this world we live in. seriously, sickly strange. prime example: the other day i was driving down south temple and there was a man (i'm pretty sure) sitting on a bus stop bench completely wrapped up in a blanket. it wasn't super cold. middle of the day. he had it wrapped around the back of him and up over his head, so it hung over his face, completely covering him. all you could see were his hands sticking out from the middle opening. and he was holding some sort of canned food and draining the liquid out of it onto the concrete. what??? seriously, what in the WORLD was he doing?? 

* i whipped out the white pants today for the first time this year. sure, i might blend in with the snow that's supposedly falling today, but it's 'officially' spring right? so white pants are allowed. yes? no? oh well, too late now.

* i have always had a love affair with shoes. it's a known fact. but i really really adore heels. back in my single days when i (thought) i had lots of extra cash, i made quite the collection of heels for myself. now i almost feel sad that i hardly ever wear any of these amazing heels anymore. i'm at work monday thru friday, spending half-walking, half-sitting, not to mention i have to park off-site and be shuttled into work and it's just a lot easier to do all this walking everyday in flats. but i LOVE heels. i wish i wore them more. some of you may remember i wore one of these said amazing pairs of heels my first day of work last year, and had blisters upon blisters. ruined my feet. i swear they're like more sensitive now when i wear heels than they used to be. ugh. heels, i miss you.

* so i was on the shuttle today going into work, and this girl with a large chest was sitting across from me. really the only reason i noticed she had a large chest was because her large chest was falling out ALL OVER THE PLACE. how is that ok?? if i have a shirt that is low-cut, i'm either wearing a tank under it or constantly pulling up or covering up or something cuz i just feel uncomfortable out in public like that. am i the only one that feels this way? i just wanted to tell this girl to freakin get a shirt that fits properly - it's awkward for the people around you too, don't you know?? (i just realized i sounded like my mother just then...)

* i want this skirt now. please.

well ladies and gents, that's all the time i have for now............


  1. baaaaah -- that skirt is gorgeous! wanna share a skirt, like we did in the good old days?!! :)

    yeah, me & heels just dont mesh really. but i love them, and i have some pretty ones that just sit in my closet... i pretty much only wear heels to church now.

    i bought some white pants the other day... and at the store they looked great on me, but i put them on the other day and i was like "uh oh..." they need to be hemmed, so that might help their cause. i love them in theory.

  2. we totally should share the skirt!! haha. although it was much easier to share clothes when we lived a street over from eachother..

  3. Wow, that skirt is amazing. If I had $80 to spare and had no need to eat this week, I'd totally go get it. Too bad I love food too much...