healthy, wealthy, & wise (ish....)

well, awhile ago i talked about how i was starting to count my calories and starting to make a real effort to be healthier in general, but especially in what i'm eating and when/how much i'm working out. also jae and i have been concentrating on being money-smart. here is a quick update:

* jae and i got passes to the rec center this past december, and (after all the holidays of course) we have since been really consistent in our gyming efforts. the most consistent i've EVER been at going to the gym regularly. it's not every day. that's just not realistic, nor do i want to become a gym freak. but we have a few set days every week. in fact, our saturday night dates are always there :) romantic, we know.

* we really are much more conscious about what we're eating. not just that, but we're trying to add healthy things that aren't normally in our diet, such as protein shakes after we gym! basically we just get a scoop of protein powder, some frozen fruits, juice of some kind, a yogurt, and wha-bam!! it's been fun. i'd try to sneak some spinach in our shakes, but i just KNOW jae would find out somehow, and then i'd be in t to the rouble - trouble.

* i am proud to say that yes, I AM STILL COUNTING CALORIES!!! i've been doing it most every day (weekends i usually slack at entering my meals in) for over a month now. it's not just calories, though, i enter in any exercise, and my water intake too. It really makes me look at what i'm doing all day long and see where i need to make changes.

* to step up our work-out efforts, we recently bought this little package, as well as some of these to help us along in the process. SUPER stoked to get this started and see the changes it will make.

*as a little confidence booster, i had someone just today say they thought i looked like i've starting slimming down already! now if that doesn't make your day (whether it's true or not) i don't know what would. also, i've noticed my skin is a lot healthier just in general. less dry, less flaky, less gross. i'm telling you people, they aren't lyin when they say drinking enough water on a daily basis helps your skin out!

*as far as the wealthy part of life....we're not. HA! i'm happy with where we've come in the last 3 months or so, but i'm really excited about the next 6 months. we've been really careful with our budget and trying to get the heck outta debt completely. which may be near impossible. but it's coming, slow and sure.

happy last week of march!


  1. yay! good job, friend! i'm so proud of you guys!

    our vacation kind of was lame eating wise ... it was just really hard to still eat healthy! hopefully we'll get back on track because i feel so much better when i eat right.

  2. Well I feel lousy about my eating habits now. Thanks Mara. ;)

  3. Good work girl! Those are all wonderful things to be working on! I love that your saturday date nights are at the gym together. Enjoy it before you have kids, I miss working out with Ryan.

    Love your new blog, and hello! You look stunning in that picture.