so now that it's march, i can blog about february! haha. yeah, i'm a little slow. i know. my bad.

for valentine's weekend, jae and i decided we wanted to watch our friend's troy and leslie's baby izzie so that they could escape and have a little lover's day evening for themselves! so we went out the friday before to celebrate for ourselves. and what's more romantic than big ole burgers and ice cream right??!

of course, i didn't take a pic of the actual dinner part or even jae and me! only the ice cream got a picture taken. but it was certainly worthy. yes, that's a gigantic freshly baked cookie under all that melting ice cream. mmmm.

so on the actual day of love, we headed over to the jackson's. izzie was wide awake and just sat on the bed with us for a good 15 minutes, staring at us and looking all around. adorable. and then she got sleepy and mad haha. she slept on and off the whole evening, but was very happy her momma (aka her source for FOOD) got home when she did, cuz she was hungry!

 thanks to the jackson's for lending us your bebe for a few hours :)


  1. that picture of jae & baby izzie is seriously the cutest thing ever!

  2. i know i love it! she would just hold his finger and look at him. so precious.