is that even a word? re-confirmation? i don't think so. but a funny story...

so jae and i are trying to be super good with our money and not spend too much on much of anything! we're mad savers and debt-pay-offers these days. hence...

i texted jae this: 'what are we doing as far as presents for our birthdays?'

jae replied: 'um i'm not sure. what do you want to do? shoes? or should we put a limit on how much? or what?'

can i just tell you how happy it made me that he suggested we get shoes for eachother for our birthdays? we are RIDICULOUS!! i (and obviously he would, too) be totally content with going shoe shopping with my honey for our birthday presents, and being done with it. i love shoes. so does my husband. shoe love is true love :)