so jae and i have really been trying to figure out ways/find foods that are healthier for us than a lot of our current habits.

i was randomly web-browsing yesterday for a calorie counter, and came across a website that you can set up an account for what is basically a food and fitness journal for yourself. you plug in your current weight and height, the weight that you'd like to get to, and it'll calculate what your caloric intake should be on a daily basis to get to that goal weight. you just put in the food you eat, it spits out the calories, and keeps track of what you're eating as well as any exercise you do and how many calories you burned! this may be old news to many of you, but this whole calorie counting business is a new thing for me. i've never tried it before, and i really want to, but i don't know how many calories are in things, so i don't really know how to calorie count accurately, so this does it for me!! and it's all free. you can also track if you're drinking all the H2O you're supposed to daily (which i'm pretty awesome at most days, may i add!)

sooo...yesterday was day 1. i was doing pretty good (especially not knowing at the beginning of the day when i got my food together to take to work that i would be starting my calorie counting!), but by dinner i went a bit over my allotted calorie amount for the day. but i figured that was ok since it was the first day and i'm just starting and learning all the right foods and such, so i'm giving myself through this weekend to get at a cozy spot under what my intake should be. today is day 2. so far, so good. we'll see how well i'm really doing by dinnertime though :)

i'll keep you updated on the progress, but not every day. that'd be boring. wish me luck!!!!!! oh, and if you have any advice or suggestions, i'll welcome them happily.


  1. we're counting calories too, and its really the first time i've done it. it hasn't been easy, but it really is effective!

    its handy because we use an app on our phones that counts our calories for us and figures it all out, so we have it with us on the go (like if we ever eat out), its really nice.

    good luck!!

  2. yeah, jae was saying how he thought there was an app for that. if only i had a smarty pants phone to have an app too! oh well. maybe that makes me less likely to eat out? we shall see!