so many things, so little time

the last few weeks have been a blur. this time of year always seems to be, anyway, but add in a couple friends having babies, a sister-in-law having a baby, a friend getting married, a work/play trip to Chicago, moving (not to mention refinishing floors and such at the house we moved into) along with Thanksgiving and Christmas, i'm exhausted. and i've been a serious blogging slacker so far in this month of December. so here's a picture overload to update you on various activites...

best part of leslie's shower...nummy cupcakes

my scrumptious spread for leslie's shower!

heather's present - she made that cute beanie!

yes, we played the measure your belly game. and yes, i sucked. sorry les!

here are my two fav prego friends, Lisa and Leslie

wedding lingerie shower for Bekah
(leslie, lisa, me, bekah, heather)

silly sign in Chicago

out on the end of the Navy Pier

it really is the windy city....my eyes were crying

the bean!

moving. boo. all i got was a pic at the end when our apt was all empty

thanksgiving pies
post-thanksgiving dinner. happy.