and last but not least...

well, today is the last day of november. therefore, it's *technically* the last day of my month of gratitude. and to be quite honest, i can't think of the last thing i want to list for my month of gratitude. there are just so many things i can think of, i can't decide. so i'll just be grateful for life. i'm grateful to be alive, right here and right now. i'm grateful for having a family that i'm so close with. i'm grateful for a loving husband that takes care of me. i'm grateful for a job, and the ability to make a living. i'm grateful for a warm place to live and a working car to drive. i'm grateful for all the opportunities life allows us. i'm grateful for the knowledge of our Heavenly Father and the life after this life. i'm grateful for all the hardships and trials we get to experience and all the chances to become a stronger person and realize just who we really are as individuals. i'm grateful to be me.

isn't it about time to just be grateful and nothing else? no if's, and's, or but's?....
...i think so too.

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