remember your happy.

because sometimes, before the crazy starts or after the crazy ends or in the midst of it all, i need to take a breather and refocus and remember the happy in my life...

(post idea taken from ashley)

here are 25 things guaranteed to put a smile on my face:
1. thunderstorms in the evening (or anytime, really)
2. hearing jae's truck coming up the street
3. cookies n cream ice cream with chocolate syrup
4. breakfast for dinner
5. hearing that little toddler voice yell excitedly 'mommy!' when she first sees me in the morning
6. having my nails freshly painted
7. clocking out at work and knowing i get to go home to my family (even if it's 1am and they're asleep)
8. getting packages in the mail
9. having fresh flowers on the kitchen table
10. a saturday with no plans but to be with my family
11. a freshly manicured yard
12. a sunshiney drive with the windows down
13. the way the pup always runs right past everyone else to come say hi to me first ;)
14. tender mercies, right when you need them most
15.tim mcgraw love songs
16. new shoes
17."i miss you" texts from the husband
18. standing in total quiet with the burning hot shower water hitting my back
19. getting prettied up for a date night
20. big beautiful white farm sinks
21. eating plain chocolate chips straight out of the bag
22. a fresh notebook
23. the toddler quietly singing songs to herself while playing
24. getting my wedding ring cleaned and shined up real nice
25. that first 'truly fall' week when temps drop after the hot summer

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  1. What a great little reminder to appreciate all the good and wonderful and just happy things in our life. Thanks for this post, friend :)