lava hot springs.

we officially survived our first camping trip with a toddler. let me tell you - there were times during it that i really didn't know if we would!

we went up to lava hot springs in idaho. i knew we needed (ok, i REALLY needed) a weekend away, so i booked us a campsite a few weeks ago and off we went. i should've known from the whopping 15 minute nap gracie took on the entire drive up there that the weekend was going to be interesting.

we basically just ate, swam, hung out at camp either in the tent or by the fire or watching the river that was right next to our camp. it really ended up being a nice little getaway and something i'd do again, with a few minor tweaks.

the first night was pretty horrific. of course since it's still bright out and we're sleeping basically outside, gracie wasn't ready to go to bed until around 930 (normal bedtime is between 7-730). she went to sleep pretty quickly, as she should've since she hardly napped the whole day and spent lots of energy swimming and it was so late. but she only slept soundly for maybe an hour and then it was up and crying every...half an hour? hour? honestly i had no sense of time and no desire to look at the time to actually see how often we were getting up. she is quite a mover in her sleep normally so that mixed with the confines of trying to keep her covered so she'd be warm in a sleeping bag in between her parents in a tent........well it didn't all pan out. go figure. she kept inching her way up so her head would run into the tent wall, and she'd freak out, hitting the tent and wake up and cry and be uncovered so i'm sure she was cold. ugh it was no fun! she even ended up with about 4 little blisters on her thumb from sucking on it so much that night. that's how bad it was! at some point during the night, i was about 99% sure we'd get up the next morning and pack up and go home and say screw it to the second night. i really thought we would. but we didn't. we enjoyed our day as much as we could being fairly sleep deprived. we actually were all able to take a couple hour nap that next morning after an early morning breakfast, so that helped.

the days were fun, swimming and just being with our little family and not having any cares or time restraints or anything. i loved that part of it. the weather was a little on the cool side for most of it (of course it was beautiful the day we left), but we enjoyed ourselves anyway. the hot pools were a major bonus for the cooler weather. gracie was a very scared, very timid swimmer last summer so i was a little worried about it, but she LOVED swimming this time. totally had a blast splashing. no fear or reservations about it at all, so that was way fun.

and after all that, the second night, she went to bed again around 930, went to bed pretty quickly, and actually slept pretty solid through the entire night, hardly even moving an inch. i think she was just soooo tired. i can't complain about that. although my body is not made for sleeping on the ground, that is for sure. hello sore hips and shoulders and knees and neck and back!! good times!

it must not have been that bad, since a day after we got home, i started looking into planning our next camping trip. what am i thinking??!

a few pictures...

new elmo sippy on one side, bottle of milk on the other, toys, blankie, and shoes off...she was ready to go!

setting up the tent: all she was worried about was the (small) amount of sand/dirt on her feet. 
she's a little OCD, have i mentioned that before?

early morning play time with dad in the tent, and saying CHEESE for a picture

just some randoms from camp.


  1. ok your family is SO cute!!! and do you by chance go to BYU Idaho? (new reader haha) anyways, your trip looks awesome and i am sooo mad i didn't know about this place when I lived in Rexburg!!

    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

    1. you are so sweet! i don't go to BYU idaho - we live down just north of salt lake actually :) it's a fun, casual summery place. you should go!