gracie - 18 months.

it has been a long time since i've done an update on gracie. although it does seem like most of my posts are centered on her anyway, but whatever.

at her check up, she weighed in at a whopping 19.4lbs (that's 1%!!). granted, she had been sick for about 3 weeks prior and i'm pretty sure she lost a pound or two from that, so really, we can give her a little more credit than that ;) she's just little and petite and i love it.

she has huge brown eyes that many people comment on. they are one of my favorite things about her. and as much as i loved her gummy smile, she has the cutest little teeth haha. can teeth be cute? anyway she's got 4 on top, 4 on bottom, and two molars on top and two molars on bottom. good times, them molars.

she talks CONSTANTLY. her pediatrician asked if she's saying 5 words or something, and i laughed and said um yes. and then by the end of the appt, he said "she talks like a 2 year old!". i just smiled. obviously she's my first kid and i don't know exactly how much other 18 month olds talk, but i know she talks a lot and all the time and it is so funny. she will say pretty much anything. she puts at least a couple of words together in phrases, and amazes us with how smart she is and how quickly she picks stuff up.

lately her favorite things to say are stop! or don't! whenever we're doing something she doesn't approve of. and jae just looks at her and says "i'm the dad! you stop!" it's pretty funny. most of the time.

i would have to say, my favorite thing that she says right now is 'lub you'. there's nothing quite like telling your baby you love her and her being able to say it back to you. magical.

she is proving to have eating habits more like her mother - she loves her carbs and fruits and refuses veggies most any time they're offered. oops. her current faves: waffles, eggs, yogurt (which she can totally eat all by herself with a spoon, it's awesome!), grapes, strawberries, mac n cheese, nuggets, pb&j, and most anything chocolate. and yes, she can say the word chocolate too, so we know exactly what she's talking about ;)

one of our favorite things to do in the mornings is get our waffles and eggs and sit up close to the dining room window, with it open, and listen to all the birds talking and chirping and watch them fly around from tree to tree. i tell her they're saying 'good morning gracie!' and she just chuckles.

her and zoey continue to have a love/hate relationship. gracie is finally big enough she can rough house more evenly with zo, and they'll play tug-o-war with toys and things, but zo definitely still just flat out knocks her over sometimes or gracie will just try to lay on her and zo gets so mad. i love them together.

she now sits in a 'big girl' seat in the car and gets to face forward. it's a win for everyone all around. we love it. even if the new car seat takes up just about my entire back seat. geez those things are ginormous.

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