taking stock, v. 2

when gracie was born, all my energy and attention and everything else went to her and figuring out being a new mommy. finally, weeks later, i started to feel like i was getting a hold on things again. life wasn't quite so crazy or so totally centered on her - i could actually do other things or go places. and i could think about blogging again.

and then i went back to work.

i don't quite feel like i've gotten a hold on life again yet. this working mom thing has really thrown a wrench into having control over things. can anyone relate?? ;)

so here's an attempt at a post.
i did one of these a few months back, so when i saw mary did it the other day, i thought i'd go for round 2.

Making: a valentine's day wreath for our front door (ok, it's a lie - i haven't started making it yet. but i know what i'm going to make!)
Cooking: dinner for a family in our ward that just had a sweet new baby girl
Drinking: water. water, water, water. all day long. gotta keep that milk supply going!
Reading: patient accounts at work. don't have time for anything else right now.
Wanting: to get back in shape. or just get in shape....(wasn't really in shape before so..)
Looking: forward to warmer days.
Playing: peek-a-boo with the babe :)
Wasting: time at work blogging (shhhh don't tell! i needed a break)
Sewing: let's be honest - i don't sew.
Wishing: i could win the lottery. that'd be neat.
Enjoying: being a mom.
Liking: this mix of pandora stations i've got going right now.
Wondering: how i'm going to get gracie to sleep in her crib in her own room.
Loving: the little marks gracie has on her ears that exactly match the mark on her grandpa's ear. i love that she has a little piece of him built right in.
Hoping: we'll be able to make our dream house addition work.
Marveling: at how all the simple things in life are truly the best things.
Needing: more veggies in my life.
Wearing: lots of sweaters and scarves and socks. is it summer yet?
Noticing: how few clothes (read: two pairs of pants) i have for work. maybe they won't notice if i wear the same thing two days in a row?
Knowing: i could not have gotten through the last 14.5 weeks without my husband.
Thinking: about all the trials we're given. and how, in the end, we make it through, even when we were sure we wouldn't.
Feeling: grateful and blessed. every day. might be a cheesy, cliche answer, but it's so true.
Bookmarking: new recipes (yes, i do cook slightly more than i used to now that i have the mom title).
Giggling: about this picture my sister sent me today.....and her caption that came with it:

"i think that's her filling-her-diaper expression."

and she was right :)
lucky you, Kel! 
{gracie said thank you!}