gracie's birth story {in pictures}.

i didn't want to wait to write out Gracie's birth story until i had the pictures because i didn't want to forget details. although since going back and looking through the pictures now, i already realize i did forget some of the small details of it. thank goodness audree was there to capture them all and help me never forget the magic of that day!

the pictures are all PG, don't worry. but they are pictures of labor and delivery, so that's what you should expect :) and yes - there are a lot.

i had to share this picture. it's one of my very favorites out of them all. jae's face shows it all - the pure joy of having her finally arrive. it makes me tear up every time i look at it. (plus you can see clearly how misshapen her poor head was. it amazingly went back to normal within just hours.)


  1. How beautiful! She looks so alert. You are so smart to have someone else take tons of pictures.

  2. That is wonderful you had someone take pictures. I wish I had because I was in no mood for taking pictures. She beautiful and I'm excited to meet her!

  3. Oh, that one of Jae looking at her in the little bed almost makes me cry! These are amazing.