gracie jane - 2 months.

we can hardly believe this little munchkin is 2 months old already!
she is now 10.4lbs (35%) and growing!
well...her belly and cheeks seem to be growing more than anything else.
but that's how it's supposed to be, right? ;)

she is starting to be so smiley most all the time now, it is SO fun. she knows when daddy gets home from work. she hears his voice and smiles even before she see's him. 
she's getting bigger and stronger and it's so exciting to see her little personality.
but I also love her being little and cuddly too.
could our lives revolve around this little one any more??
I think not.

(by the way - not that I want to jinx anything...but...4 nights in a row sleeping 10 hrs straight??!
yep. Merry Christmas to us.)


  1. oh she is such a doll! I want to come meet her! 10 hours?! Seriously, merry christmas to you guys! Such a thoughtful one that gracie is :)

  2. Mara she is such a little darling! Seriously. Every time I see pictures of her it just makes me smile. Well done you two! Ha ha.