baby shower ~ friends.

my lovely bff mary hosted a baby shower for me for all my friends to come and spoil baby girl and myself. and spoil, they did :)

we got everything from clothes (of course!) to binkies to diapers to burp cloths to sheets to baby spoons to bottles to baby shampoo to itty bitty teeny tiny baby girl bracelets! i have awesome friends. it's for sure.

{a little peek at the two names we can't decide between..}

i probably should've gotten more pictures with more people (or just of the rest of the people there), not to mention with the host herself, but i didn't (mary - you have one of us right??). it was lots of fun seeing everyone and getting caught up with people i hardly ever see. this little girl has got so much love already, it's amazing.

thanks again to mary and everyone that came :) loved it.


  1. I have a picture of you and Kayla too---I'll try and remember to post it on your Facebook wall.

  2. glad you liked it! i was more than happy to celebrate you + baby girl :)

  3. looks so fun! The pictures look like mary made everything look sooooo cute! so excited for you!