thoughts on pregnancy {pt. 4}

*it's getting hot. and by getting hot, i mean we had one of the hottest june's ever. which makes less than desirable conditions for the pregnant peeps. although, sometimes i remember that i'm usually about 10 degrees colder than everyone (when i'm not pregnant) so maybe now that i am pregnant, i'm about the same temperature as everyone else? sure, we'll go with that.

*swelling = cankles. it's no bueno. it's really only started the last week or so, and they don't get too bad except when i'm sitting at work for many hours without a proper way to get my feet up enough. i worked a few long days last week, so by the time i got home around 7pm, my feet were almost alien to me. they've never been so bad. last night, they were bad. yikes. my midwife suggested lots of water (i feel like all i do is drink water and take trips to the bathroom), elevate as much as possible (trying!), and eat watermelon. any other suggestions???

*i still haven't really had any real food cravings. i've usually preferred salty things vs sweet things. fries with anything sounds good at any hour. although i do love a good plain chocolate ice cream cone just about any time too. the other night i asked jae to go to the store for milk and fruit loops. that's the first real request i think i've made that he's run to the store for randomly. and yes - that box of fruit loops is already gone.

*we found a car seat and stroller we liked, but i didn't order it because i just wanted to wait and see, i guess. well a week later, i went back to check, and it was sold out! i literally checked like 12 websites that sell it, and all were sold out. CRAP! i was super sad. but no worries, i got an email this week saying it's back in stock so i hurried and just ordered it! it's on its way as we speak.

*i've been a blogging slacker lately. not that i'm ever a super great blogger, but the pregnancy brain is kicking in, which means the regular, fully-functioning brain with ideas and thoughts and smartness is slowly but surely fading. it's a weird thing to see happen to yourself. it's like - i promise i was not this dumb or forgetful or spacey all my life, i swear! so the blog suffers a bit. as well as picture taking, apparently.

*i kind of feel like the closer i get to october, the further away it seems. i feel large already, and the thought of another 2 full months plus a few weeks (alright, i'll just say it - 3 months - ish) sounds like way too much to still go. i'm getting a little anxious thinking about how big this baby girl might be.

*I.T.C.H.Y. all the time. my belly is just itchy itchy itchy. the skin is stretching lots lately (duhh) and with the heat and clothing layers and such, it's just itchy and yuck. i try not to scratch too much (don't want to help stretch marks along, i'm sure they won't need any extra help from me by scratching my skin all the time) but it is hard not to. whenever jae catches me scratching my belly, he swats my hands away. but gosh dangit, IT ITCHES!!

*i'm still sleeping ok. not great, but good enough i guess. i wake up whenever i roll from side to side, or to push zoey's feet away from my belly (she likes to stretch her legs out and push on me. on my back, it's ok. on my belly, not so ok anymore). i also wake up too hot. we did get a window AC unit (hallelujah!) but i haven't gotten the right system down yet. when to have it on, how much to have it on, plus the extra fan going in the room - too cool, too hot. sore throat in the morning from the fan blowing right on me. ya know - all that good stuff.

*i had my glucose test a couple weeks ago. i passed! only one diabetic in our house to worry about.

*i think we decided on the bedding for our baby girls crib! just imagine grey, white, yellow, and

*i will be 28 weeks on thursday. that means a mere 12 weeks to go! that also means i'm just about in my 3rd trimester! see, now when you put it that way, it doesn't seem like very long. 12 weeks? nothing. but when you say it any other way....

*no, we have not picked out a name yet. we've had it narrowed to a top 3 for a few weeks now, but honestly i don't think we'll have the name til she gets here. which i'm fine with. it's other people that seem to have an issue with waiting (mom!).

*being pregnant can be rough at times, but it is so amazing. i'm grateful for every kick and punch and flip that i feel from our sweet little one!


  1. You look so great! I love your hair in a top knot :) Her bedding sounds super cute--you'll have to post pictures when it's all put together!

  2. There's that cute belly of yours! DYING Mara, you look GREAT! I feel ya on the heat, it sucks so bad!

  3. I love your pregnant belly! I am sure I will be a raging pregnant lady if I am pregnant in the heat of summer. I already get very moody from the weather, so I fell ya. Thank goodness for window air conditioning. That is what saved me last summer. You look adorable!

  4. You can do it!!!
    Ha- I felt like I should write something motivational. ;)
    You do look super cute. Xx.

  5. super cute mara! can't wait for baby girl!

  6. Aww!! You are too cute little mama! I definitely need to see pics of your crib bedding. Sorry about the cankles. bleh. i totally feel ya on that one. compression stockings helped me.