mother's day.

mother's day!
my mom isn't one to want "stuff", she always likes to go places or do things with family for her presents, so we decided to have a girls dinner out, just my sisters, my mom, and i. we have NEVER done that before. just us girls. no grandkids or boys. it was so fun :)

mom picked The Garden Restaurant at the Joseph Smith Memorial building downtown SLC. all the tulips were planted and the sun was shining and it was beautiful!
{we missed you so much, our chinese sister Anne!!}

mom actually got me a present for mother's day.....a baby boy outfit and a baby girl outfit (this was before we found out we're having a girl, of course). they were soooo cute.

i told them to all turn around, and these are the poses i got....what a bunch of dorks :)

and when i got home, my sweet husband and sweet puppy dog had these waiting for me! they smelled lovely and had the sweetest note written to go with them. thanks Jae and Zoey! i am one happy and lucky mom-to-be.

just a note for my lovely mother:
mom, i'm grateful for all the life lessons you've taught me. we didn't always get along when i was younger (that's what teenagers are for, right? to be a pain for their mothers??) but we have a much better, much more understanding relationship now, and for that - i am so grateful. i cannot wait to start this journey of being a mother myself, and know you'll be right by my side to help with anything and everything, full of advice and knowledge. i already know i couldn't do it without you!

love you mom!


  1. Girls nights like that are the best. What a good looking group of ladies you all are!

  2. what a fun girls outing! cute outfits you go, and love the flowers! so fun that you can actually celebrate mother's day since your a mother to be! XO