thoughts on pregnancy {pt. 2}.

i have been very lucky......i have not been very sick. i've had nausea on and off since about week 6 or so, but have only thrown up once (right when we got to Hawaii, of course!). if i'm just careful with what i eat and how much/how often i eat, then usually i do ok. i've learned i literally have to eat something little about once an hour or so. snack all day, pretty much. keeps the hunger away (if i get too hungry i get super sick feeling real quick) and keeps the nausea away. most of the nausea is gone at this point, though, so that is a blessing.

the fatigue/lack of energy hit me around 6 weeks too. holy smokes!! it was all i could do to get up in the morning, work 8+ hours, and get home to crash on the couch for the rest of the night. i wouldn't necessarily sleep all evening, but i just felt like my body weighed 300 pounds and to get up and walk to any other part of the house (except maybe my bed) was a hugely daunting task. SO tired ALL the time! the last couple of weeks i've finally felt it lift up a bit and i feel like i'm getting some energy back. i can actually run an errand or two after work or take pup for a walk and i'm not hating life. although some days, crashing on the couch sounds delightful still ;)

i've been asked if i have any particular cravings or things i don't want/make me sick. i can't say i really have much of either. i don't really crave anything in particular, but i do tend to go for more salty things - fries sound good most all the time. bacon. chips. the sweets are still good, but i can't eat them a ton because i feel like i get more nausea when i eat the sweets. fruit is good too! and i seem to be pretty thirsty all the time. have water with me 24/7. and mountain blast powerade! love it. oh and then there are smells.........i haven't noticed the smells getting to me too horribly bad, but there is a (nice, sweet) co-worker of mine that happens to sit right next to me. she has this lotion that she puts on multiple times a day. it's not that the lotion smells bad necessarily......it's just SO STRONG. makes my nose hurt, it's so strong. ick.

headaches!!!!!!!!!!! you guys - the headaches. i read somewhere a few weeks ago that all the extra hormones floating around could cause me some headaches. well, let me tell you what! i'm not usually one to get headaches a ton. maybe a couple times a month. the last couple of weeks, i've been getting them about every other day. thank goodness for the tylenol! if i take it, it helps and they will go away, but it's like they just hit me out of nowhere and so frequently. hopefully this phase ends soon.

our last appointment (last week), we heard baby's heartbeat loud and strong. yay!! i'm currently somewhere between 14-15 weeks. i'd rather go with 14 just because when the time comes, i don't want to be expecting a baby when it's really not coming for another few days and then be hating life waiting for my over-due baby. know what i mean? so 14 it is. i am the exact same weight as i was 4 weeks ago. which seems strange to me. my tummy has definitely grown and my clothes are definitely tighter. my stomach is poking out...which is weird. i have one pair of maternity pants and a couple skirts and a dress that are maternity. i wore the maternity pants for the first time this week, and it was weird. i felt weird. i felt more comfortable! but weird. i've been meaning to take some belly shots, but haven't gotten around to it yet. we go back in 4 weeks for "the ultrasound" (!!!!!) to find out what baby is. holy batman, are we already almost to that point?? you guys - this whole thing is just so weird! can i say the word weird any more times in this paragraph? the more real it becomes, the more weird it becomes. 

a friend of mine had a baby this past monday. i read her birth story this morning. i was one paragraph into it and almost had to stop reading. the tears, anxiety, weirdness, happiness, gratefulness.......all of it started to build up just thinking - this is going to be me in a few months. i'll be writing my own sweet baby's birth story. wow. just got really real!

i still pray and hope and cross my fingers every day that this little peanut keeps growing and progressing and makes it to us in a few short months without any major difficulties. the fear is still in the back of my mind, but it's been pushed back a bit now compared to a few weeks ago. i am so happy to have this journey, and have it with my best friend by my side. Jae (lovingly) refers to me as 'pregnant lady', and although it's silly and sometimes obnoxious, it makes me super happy.


  1. oh i love it. I was all about the salty foods when I was pregnant too! Until my third trimester...then I wanted salty and sweet. chicken nuggets and fries - then donuts - then chocolate - then potato chips - then more donuts. I really liked donuts my third trimester, ha!
    I'm so excited for you and love reading about your pregnancy! hooray!

  2. I don't know what I'm more nervous about--going through a pregnancy or actually having a kid that we are solely responsible for. So glad to hear that your pregnancy has all been going well: you guys will be be wonderful parents!

  3. I love reading your posts about pregnancy! It floods me with all too familiar emotions. I'm really excites for your next appt!! Can i start making my predictions yet???

  4. Like. Like. Like. Xx. Love you.

  5. love the quote at the end- too true! so excited for you!!

  6. i had so many headaches! luckily they went away halfway through second trimester. tylenol stopped working for me which sucked! but sooooooo happy for you! its all worth it!