26 big ones.

i had my birthday last week, and i turned 26.
i realized something kind of funny recently.....i'll try to explain.

you see, i think i've subconsciously always thought of myself as in my early 20's (well, at least since i was actually in my early 20's, of course). i see people or work with people or have friends that are in their late 20's, and i think of them as being older than me. perhaps it's just because i see them as being in a different, "older" stage of life than i am, maybe. and then, it kind of just hit me a couple of weeks ago......i'm that same age. i'm in my mid, almost to be my late 20's. now, don't get me wrong, i'm not saying 26 is so old. it's just older than i felt like i was. in my head anyway. you know how there are certain people that you babysat as a teenager, or kids you grew up with, and you always picture them as 8 years old or 12 years old in your head? but now, in real life, they're like 20? well, i guess in my head, i always pictured myself as...i don't know....22 or 23 maybe. does this make any sense at all?!!

so now that i'm 26....i feel like i'm 26. this is the first birthday in a while, maybe since i turned 20 and was out of my teens, that i've felt a year older. and dare i say, a year wiser too. i feel like turning 26 has somehow forced me into the next stage of my life, whatever that stage is. i know, this all sounds weird. it sounds weird to me, too.

anyway, we celebrated with my family earlier in the week, and with Jae's family the night of my birthday. it was a nice, low-key dinner, and i have yet to blog about any of the festivities. but i will!...(iiin a couple of weeks....).

i'm excited about year 26, and all it has to offer. isn't a new, fresh year just the best feeling?
i'm ready (as cheesy as it sounds) to experience life in my "older" set of eyes :)


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  2. that is so funny, thats EXACTLY how I felt at 26! It was my 26th bday that it hit me- I'm a grown-up! It's like "whoa...I'm the same age as all those people who have grown up lives and do grown up things? wait a second! I have a grown up life and I do grown up things too! Wow, I guess I'm grown up!" hard to explain, but I think I know just what you mean. ps- did you know we (me and kids) will be in B-town for like 3 months this summer? Party!!!

    1. i am so glad i'm not the only crazy one :)

      and yes! mary told me! you'll be here for a long time! and mary is now in b-town and we can party hardy all summer!! super exciting.

  3. Happy birthday! I always feel like everyone is the same age as me...and I feel like I'm still a young 20s person. Ego centric, I guess.

    Enjoy Hawaii!

  4. Happy Birthday! I completely understand what you were trying to convey & I couldn't agree with you more. Glad you had a wonderful birthday & time to reflect.