flip{ped} the switch.

so as i was driving home from work yesterday, i had the sudden inspiration.....

i need to go running.
i need to get in shape.
i need to eat healthier all the time.

 i need to go running...tonight!
 so i did.

i got home, changed clothes
(aka got layered up...hello 10 degrees outside),
turned on my music,
and went running.

i went running for about half an hour.
couldn't feel/move my face once i was done
because it was so numb.
but while i was running, i actually felt a lot better
than i thought i would.

of course, once i got home and stopped running,
i felt like complete garbage.
but ya know.

i have goals set in my mind
and i fully intend to keep them.
for some reason,
i feel slightly more motivated this time
than all the other times i've
"had the inspiration".

perhaps it's the fact that i counted
and we only have 7 weeks until we spend a week
in a swimming suit on the beach in Hawaii.

yesss. i can do this. 


  1. Hawaii would be some serious motivation for me too! :D

  2. I agree with Pete--looks like I need to book a vacation to Hawaii, and pronto.

    good for you for going for your goals!

  3. yeah, i'm with petrice!

    also, i'm totally sitting here on the couch while reading this. so that first picture is accurate!! ha!