{i will preface this post with a sorry and a get-over-it.....i'm way behind on all my holiday blogging, so i've just got to get them up. read them or not, whatever you prefer.}

basically, i'm up for any reason to get together and make breakfast/brunch.
it's my favorite food for sure.
so since my friends from way back when we were wee elementary school kids haven't gotten together in quite some time, we decided it was about time. and food would be the main attraction.

everyone came over to our house the weekend before Christmas.
we made all sorts of yummies to eat and sat and blabbed.
we also did white elephants, which is customary, of course.

new yearly tradition?
i think so.

**pictures courtesy of torrie. my photos on my camera are all still on my camera....makes blogging with them very difficult. thanks torrie.

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