i finally got a couple presents wrapped yesterday before Jae got home.
there are only two, but i was excited to have something to put under the tree.

a couple of hours later, Jae and i were painting (yes, painting again...or still...whichever).
it was too quiet in the house, so Jae went to investigate.

our conversation went something like this:
J: uh Mara, did you put some presents under the tree?
M: uh oh. what did she do?
J: she tore one apart.
M: well which one?? don't look at it! can you see the present?!? don't look!!!

that little stink pup!!

needlesstosay, that present is re-wrapped (and the ribbon on the other one was re-done as well...) and they're both sitting up on the entertainment center now. seriously, i feel like i have a toddler in our house!


  1. pretty paper! and that zo...what a stink!

  2. Did you see you won the Kohl's gift card on la vie petite?! Just wanted to make sure you knew! Congrats!

    1. yes, i did see and emailed her already :) thank you for the note though, that's so nice!