chocolate and m&m's

i love me some chocolate ice cream or frozen yogurt any day of the week.
i won't discriminate - i'll take either :)
and of course, some m&m's to top it off is never a bad thing.

i am grateful for it's creaminess. i'm grateful for the crunch of the m&m's. i'm grateful for the splash of color amid the neutral chocolate. i'm grateful for the happiness it gives me.

{i know this sounds silly, but i am oh-so-seriously grateful for this lovely treat that not all get to enjoy.}


  1. Srrrrsly, I too am thankful for chocolate!

  2. wow looks so good. i have to admit i'm not the biggest fan of m&m's for some reason they smell so gross to me, I am a smarties girl all the way :-) but I totally agree, we are incredibly lucky to have the privelige of enjoying treats like this when others are less fortunate

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