halloween 2012

our halloween festivities this year went a little something like this:
a couple of weeks ago, i got together with my bff Leslie and her baby girl Izzie to paint some pumpkins. i'm super artistic and talented like that, so be prepared to be amazed. (not).

Izzie and her pumpkin

my pumpkins

Les and her pumpkin! she was super happy i made her stop and pose for a picture while carrying her oober heavy pumpkin.

our church put on a trunk-or-treat. no, we don't have any kids, so you're probably wondering why we'd be going. we just wanted a bunch of free candy for ourselves! ha! no just kidding. Jae was part of the crew that was in charge of putting it all together, so i decided to put on my big girl undies and sign up to make soup for it. i've never made soup before but i did and it went pretty good i think! (more on the soup-making later).

our friends, Cody & Steph, who also don't have kids so we hung out for most of it. until Cody decided to put this deer thing on. then we kind of kept our distance ;)

on Halloween, there's pretty much no better place to be than Primary Children's Medical Center. seriously. and it just so happens that that's my place of employment :) it also just so happens that my boss goes a little bit cray-cray over Halloween, so it's even more fun! we made crafts with the kids/patients, stood in the main hallways as they trick-or-treated, and had a potluck with all the employees in our area. everyone in our department had some awesome costumes, and it was just a fun, no-work work day.

that would be my boss Lyndsy and i at our craft table.
after work tonight, i went home and grabbed the pup and her costume and headed to my parents to go trick-or-treating. i promised my mom i'd bring Zoey over in her costume, plus we got to see all the nieces and nephews dressed up! Zoey was the cutest "grandchild". just sayin.

i think it's safe to say Zack was pretty excited he got to wear his cool superman undies on the outside of his costume, just like the real superman

she's not spoiled at all

tonight, Jae is working til late, and turns out we don't get many trick-or-treaters at our house, so i'm sitting at home with the pup, watching the Jazz season opener. and blogging. we did get two visitors at our door, so that was fun!

i mean, look at that puppy bat! cutest ever. she most certainly didn't need the bat ears that came with those wings.
ps: you guessed it, Mary, i was a bumble bee!
happy halloween everyone!!


  1. Chevron stripes on your pumpkins?

    Basically awesome.

    And Zoey's costume is basically awesome, too. I'm tempted to make her my screensaver because it just makes me laugh every time I see it.

  2. I love the costumes!! The bee is super cute and I really love that pic of you in your costume with lipstick. Hot lips! Anyway, Zoey is adorbs and I love seeing all the nieces and nephews decked out. Kids make Halloween so dang fun :).

  3. Such a fun post! Love your photos. :)