vacation eve

well it's finally here.
our flight leaves tomorrow morning at 0831
and by noon on saturday (yes, that means traveling from thursday-saturday...ick)
we'll be in malaysia!

we've been waiting for this trip for months, and i'm getting more and more excited!
but more and more sad about leaving this little bug..

ok ok, you can stop rolling your eyes now.
i know she's a dog.
but i am sad about leaving her for so long!
the beach is sounding better and better by the second, though, i must admit.

adios peoples!
we'll be back in a couple of weeks.
(and then i'm having surgery the day after we get back...more on that later.)
sorry, i don't have any cool guest-posters or anything lined up for you while we're gone.
i'm just not that on-top of things.

don't miss us too much :)


  1. ah I know what you mean about not wanting to leave your dog! I had to leave my dog earlier this summer for like 3 days with a friend and had her update me every chance she got with pictures :)

    Have a great, safe trip! So jealous!

  2. Sounds fun! Take lots of pictures. I'm a bit jealous, but not of the flying part that sounds awful!

  3. You better be taking lots of awesome pics for me to love on by the time your back missy! You'll have so much fun!...and little cute Zoe will survive :).

  4. *you're* ah! can't believe I made that typo! ick.

  5. I would be sad to leave her too! I will take her off your hands while your gone :)! haha