i won him back {for a day}

now that the summer season has (mostly) ended and fall is starting up, i'm starting to ever so slowly win my husband back on saturdays. 

so happy!

since we're leaving this week to go out of the country (!!!) he moved a bunch of his usual thursday/friday/saturday work to today/tomorrow/wednesday. which means i got to hang out with him ALL day saturday! it was super exciting.

our day involved getting breakfast (this is always the first thing i want to do whenever Jae is home on a saturday morning. i love me some breakfast), going to the dump & washing both our cars (sorry, no pictures of this part. the dump is gross & smelly. i'm sure you can picture it yourself), an afternoon nap (also no pic...i was sleeping..), a haircut for Mr. done by yours truly, a walk around temple square & a visit to the visitor's center (couldn't have asked for better weather), and a risky much-needed stop at rocky mountain chocolate factory. can we say english toffee caramel apple and 1/2 lb of some good ole fashioned fudge??

you could seriously drop some serious $$'s in that chocolate factory.
like, seriously.

it was kind of a totally perfect day.

{can we say "hey wife, i'm over taking pictures" any clearer?}

Zoey was also super stoked he was home. she loved on him lots & has been following him around the house.


  1. Is Miss Zoe staying with your parents while you're away? She is going to be so mad at you two for leaving her! Jealous about the fudge and caramel apple, *drool*. I'm glad you had a fun Saturday together. Xx.

  2. I love that picture of you and Jae! You guys are such great looking couple. Yay for perfect days!