color run 2012

i ran in the color run this year!
have any of you ever run it?
turns out they do it in cities all across the US!
well, if you haven't, you should look into it.
because it was pretty sweet.
and it's only a 5k, so it's not bad at all!
even for miss old grandma knees over here.
i ran it with 3 of my best gf's and it was a blast.
if you can't tell by the pictures, we made sure to really get into the whole color thing...
glasses, socks, headbands...
it was pretty radical.
(yes, i know i just sounded super 80's).

and now for the pictures (because they really tell the story).


 let the color begin!


  1. Oh man, this looks like so much fun--I am totally adding this to my bucket list! (Plus I've been looking for my next race). Loved the pictures :)

  2. This looks like a blast. I'm in for next time!!