not built for hard labor

that would be me. the 'not built for labor' one.
this past Saturday, i decided to help Jae mow a few lawns he needed to get done.
let me just tell you - i've probably mowed the lawn somewhere between 10-15 times in my life. ok so it might be more than that, but i really didn't do it a ton. my dad always tried to get me to do it, and i was a lame teenager and i just wouldn't do it.

naturally, the first 3 lawns Jae has me help him with are horrible and hard and have tons of levels and hills and trees and all the things that making mowing a lawn difficult! what was he thinking???

halfway through the first lawn, i discovered i got this.....


it hurt. like, a lot. i showed Jae, and he's like, umm i'm sorry? want a bandaid? 
yes!! i'd like a bandaid and some gloves. please.

it was hot and the sun was relentless. 
by the end of the first lawn, i felt nauseous.
i know what you're thinking - wow, you're a baby.
trust me, Jae was thinking the same thing.
needless to say, i complained. a lot.
like, the whole 3 hours i was helping him.
5 lawns in 3 hours and i was D.O.N.E.

i think it was sometime after those first 3 lawns, i knew i had just been complaining over and over, and i informed Jae i would be continuing to complain the rest of the afternoon haha.
he laughed and said yeah, i was just going to say something about that...

well?? what did he expect!
these last few days, my hands have felt like they've been bruised. 
like i've been in a boxing ring and my hands are beat!
i had scrapes on my other hand, bruises on my forearm and thigh.
like i said....not built for that kinda stuff.
i'm glad i don't have to do it.
it was awful.
i still don't understand why you like doing that stuff, Jae, but my hat's off to you.


  1. I'm sorry you had such a rough time! We're opposites this way, though. I tell Jesse that my body would have been better use as a pioneer. I have cow bones that never get broken and man muscles. I am a super weenie in the sun and heat, though. So...maybe a pioneer in Norway.

  2. You get used to it after a while. :).
    I'm only smiling because I just finished my 8 hour manual labor in the hot sun.

  3. yeah, not for me either. i always hated doing it when i was younger and we had a pretty annoying yard to mow bc of the trees. bleck. you are a good woman to have done as many as you did! :)