bridal shower

this past saturday, my cute friend Torrie (and her mama) put together a cute bridal shower for our friend Kayla! we are so super excited for Kayla and can't wait for her big day in just a couple of weeks! of course, i forgot my camera, so i stole some pictures from Torrie...

it was SO good to see these girls! it's been too long.

we had it in the backyard. it was hot, but so nice!

it's blurry, but i love kayla's face behind me :)

yummy yogurt parfait bar! and a variety of coffee cakes. yumm.
the whole gang. i'm actually kind of amazed that we got this many girls together at one time. that almost never happens anymore!
i'm excited to see you all again in a couple weeks!


  1. Oh how funny. All the girls I work with are having a bridal shower for Kayla right now!

  2. You little picture thief...good thing we're friends :)

    Jk/ Glad you could make it to the shindig. And sorry I didn't stay for Haley's reception--I had to make it back to a YW meeting.

    Such is life.

    See you soon!

  3. It was so fun seeing you Mara! I too can't wait to see you all again soon :)