gone swimming

well it finally happened.

i dropped my phone in the toilet.

yup, i did. i pulled the dreaded i-totally-forgot-my-phone-was-in-my-back-pocket thing and down it went. i grabbed it real quick, took it all apart, dried off all the pieces, and stuck them all in a bucket of rice. a day later, it's as good as new! well, so far anyway. i'm keeping my fingers crossed. who knows, maybe it'll work better now with a little toilet water swimming then it did before.

yesterday just wasn't my day. first, the phone in the toilet, then i dropped Jae's water bottle like 4 times throughout the day (it was rolling away from me in parking lots and such - obviously not as traumatic as dropping my phone, but i just couldn't keep ahold of anything and it was SO annoying!). we went and got our taxes done yesterday afternoon, which Jae and i walked out of feeling very beat...let's just say it went exactly opposite of what we had planned on.

BUT we did get our wood floors completely finished and stained and beautified! they actually came out a lot better than we were expecting, and that was definitely a blessing. pictures to come soon.

let's just say i'm glad that today is a new day. church went well (although i must admit, sac. mtg felt extra long today for some reason) and we got some hopeful news that might turn out to be a super exciting, really good thing for us. we'll see. and tomorrow is monday the 20th....which means COUNTERTOP INSTALL DAY!!! holy excitingness. not to mention, i get work off tomorrow (paid) so it should be a happy day all around. oh and it's our birthday week.....let the celebrating begin :)

hope you all had an {un}eventful weekend!

{here's a sneak peak of our floors..}


  1. Hey, do you and Jae have birthdays that are close together? Jesse and I have birthdays two days apart.

    Happy birthday week! I hope it's grand.

  2. That is so cute.. our birthdays are a day apart.. we had our birthday week earlier in the month. a Happy Birthday to you.

    Also you put your phone in rice? Never had of that before

  3. yes, our birthdays are a day apart! and yes, phone in rice. the rice sucks out all the moisture and your phone is then good as new, all dried out!