weekend recappp

i got off work around 430pm.
stopped at target, walmart, & smith's.
met jae at home around 6 & grabbed some food.
went to miss Addie's 1st birthday party at 645pm (she's a doll, by the way).
stopped off at my sister's house for a chat.
came home & watched water for elephants. loved it.

we were a bit lazy & didn't get up until about 845am (were planning to start working around 8..)
spent the day with the 2byrds working at our house (you guys rock, thanks again!)
left the house around 430pm.
stopped at the paint store to grab a couple sample colors.
got home, got some dinner, and started watching the jazz game at 7pm.
by about 730 or 745, i was very much falling asleep! (730 on a saturday night? sleeping? lame, i know.)
apparently the jazz won, wahoo go jazz!!
i woke up on & off after that, but that's pretty much all i remember of that night......

up at 8am.
church at 9am.
home at noon, got some lunch.
went back to church at 130 for a meeting.
came home, (finally) got out of church clothes.
afternoon was spent doing laundry, cleaning, organizing, some napping, playing catch up on the DVR.
a small, casual sunday dinner around 6pm.
watched the tennis match from saturday (it was a good one! anyone else see it? nadal vs. djokovic)
10pm - bedtime (well, for me. Jae was up til who knows when)

a good weekend, i'd say. we were supposed to get our cabinets put up on saturday, but due to some family emergencies (not our family, our cabinet guys family) it's been pushed to this week. hope you all had a good couple of days off! always goes by too fast, does it not?



  1. sounds like a fantastically chill weekend!

  2. I feel honored to have been a part of your precious weekend. :)