{thoughts on a thursday}

*have you noticed, when putting on pants, that you always put one particular leg in first? for me, it's my left leg. always goes in first, and then my right. without thinking, it's just what i do. wanna know how i realized this? i was changing clothes in a bathroom the other day and in an attempt to not touch the floor with bare feet, i quickly threw my right leg in first because i was already standing on my left foot. and it felt all sorts of wrong. i could barely get my pants on, it was so strange! try it.

*thanks to my lovely sister Kellie & her fam, i am now a complete believer in this for breakfast every morning. seriously, every single morning. add a little brown sugar and a little milk and oh man. you've got it made. i cannot get enough.

*so let's talk about skinny jeans for a minute. it took me a long time to even like them, even longer to buy a pair, and months after that to actually wear them. (i made the mistake of buying a white pair of skinnies first, which isn't necessarily the most flattering color skinny pants.) i then finally bought a pair of regular denim skinnies. while i've been brave and worn both my skinnies on a regular basis, i'm still not totally convinced. and as of late, i've discovered this weird clicking sound both my skinnies make when i walk. not sure how else to describe it, but let's just say it's a little strange. i think this is my sign i'm not meant to wear skinnies. at least not with these legs.

*so about this skirt....you've seen it, right? well i really really want one. like a lot. isn't it fantastic? (my birthday's coming up in a few weeks....)

*sometimes, i like to have a plan. a plan for my day, a plan for the next week, and plan for the next few months. i like to feel like i have things somewhat figured out. makes me feel like i have some control over something, i guess. everyone likes to make plans, right? well, i've had a plan coming together for this next year. things i want to do. where i want jae and i to be in the next few months. although these plans aren't necessarily falling through, i was given a sweet (and teary) reminder yesterday that not everything is up to us and we can't always be the ones making the plans just how we want them to happen. there's a bigger picture.

*i've been re-reading hunger games. i have a deep love for these books, as i know many of you do too. this week, when i've been reading, i found myself hurrying over parts to get to upcoming parts that i was excited for. this confused me. usually when you re-read a book, you tend to take your time and enjoy it and see/read things you didn't before. right? well that's what i thought, but it seems i just want to get to the good parts that i remember loving the first time. i feel that i'm a little weird that i do this.

*some people are really good at being on time, doing what they say they will, getting stuff done. just being on top of their stuff in general. and some people aren't. i'd like to say thank you to the people that are all of those things. i appreciate you.

*a few days ago, we discovered some unexpected money in a bank account that we didn't know we even had. awesome, right? then jae took his truck into the shop to get it checked out because the ABS light kept coming on. a few hundred dollars later, it's all fixed. see ya, nice, unexpected money that we found! it was nice knowin ya!

*Sundance this weekend, people! Park City = celebrity hot-spot! who's going??

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  1. I bet skinnies look great on you! you should maybe even post a pic because I can't imagine you looking bad with a good pair of skinny jeans. I have been totally converted myself.