our house: paint & floors

kitchen/laundry - 2 coats of white = done!

chelsea & jae, working on the primer in the bedroom
(this is the same bedroom you'll see a few pics down with the purple wall.
ps sorry it's so dark..phone pic + no actual light in the room = crappy pictures)

dining room - 2 coats of white = done!
(the mr. is such a good model, yes?
i think his eyes are open. a little bit maybe.)

main bath - working on first coat of blue/grey
(it's now all done! and don't worry - that greenish color
on the left will be covered up by tile)

bedroom - first coat of purple on accent wall
(it now has a second coat on and looks much better, we love it!
although we did have some tough times with the blue painter's tape today...)

kitchen/laundry area - laying down backerboard (layer between subfloor & tile);
all the backerboard is done now!

had our floor guy come over and replace some pieces (the lighter pieces up towards the doorway)
 and sand down just this portion...it looks AMAZING. i mean, look at the difference!
cannot wait until all of the wood floors are done being sanded and stained.

so that's what's been going on around here the last week or so.
the next week: tile, more painting, and hopefully some cabinets going up.
soooo close......



    Thank you for posting pictures. That floor looks so beautiful, all sanded; it's going to be an awesome feature of the house.

    Mostly, we're just so happy your moving-in day is getting closer and closer, thanks to all your hard work and persistence. We really admire you both. (You might laugh at the idea now, but I predict much jealousy of your beautiful house.)

    Kellie & Ty

  2. wow, look at how awesome everything is looking?! I also am in love with that wood floor. What is it about wood floors that just makes me drool?

  3. It's getting so close! I hope when I come out next (whenever that will be) it will be finished and I can come see it!

  4. Looking good! I like the bathroom color you ended up doing. Jord's last final is Tuesday, you better be ready for him. Love you.

  5. oh my goodness, i love the progress! it looks so good and you've done so much since i was there! let me know if you need help with more painting this week (its finals week for vince, so i might be a little lonely in the evenings!) congrats my friend, its looking awesome!!

  6. It looks so good! So not the scary house I first saw! I love the floors! Gorgeous!

  7. it looks so good! i can't wait to see when it's all done...and I know you can't, either!

  8. It really is looking so good. I can't wait to see it when it's all finished! (Although I'm sure my excitement doesn't even begin to compare to yours!)

    And thanks for your cute words of encouragement on my blog today--much appreciated, friend :)

  9. looks GREAT guys!!

    ...did you ever cal lmy dad about your bathroom?