a long list

..of some cool things i found during my monthly pinterest session.
yes, i only get one pinterest session a month.
i figure it's healthier that way.
and here is what i found that i enjoyed:


how it should be

greys and blacks, her hair pulled back..love it all

love this secret little getaway

so awesome. someone teach me?

i literally laughed out loud

good reminder for us old married people :)

little bit creepy? i totally love this. a lot.

mini husky! i want.

really lovin her hair!

this just makes me giggle - his head & neck look so not proportioned
haha it's so cute!


perfect ballet flats
isn't this so true? what? diet? no way.

and last but certainly not least...

i would like this in my home.
 until next month, pinny pin pin....

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  1. You know, I like your once a month pinterest alotted time, maybe I should try that.