so it kind of just hit me....

it's november.

wowza! another year, almost over. it's so strange to me how in the moment, time doesn't seem to be moving {often times those moments are while i'm at work, of course}. every monday i think oh man, it's only monday. yet, on sunday evenings, i think, gosh, it's already almost monday again.

time is a funny thing.

even though some minutes, hours, days seem to draaaag by so slowly, the weeks seem to fly by. and all of a sudden, i realize {a week into the month} that it's already november again.

last year i did a daily "i'm thankful for.." thing on my blog. i thought that would probably be a good thing to make a yearly tradition. i get so caught up in every-day life, i forget the small & simples of life. i forget why we're here and what's most important. well, now that it's the 8th of november, i obviously am not doing my daily "thankful's", but i want to make sure i keep the right frame of mind, nonetheless.

so it might not be every day, but i need to express my thanks. i need to remember to not take things for granted. i need to not be judgemental. i need to be happy & healthy. i need to surround myself with good things. i need to look on the bright side - see the glass half full. i need to love with all my heart & show that love every day.

and this is the perfect place to do it. this blog acts as a journal, in more ways than not. i'm not much of a writer, and i'm not great with words, but i want to make sure i write things down to remember and be able to look back on and learn from {again}.

i'm excited for the months ahead. i'm excited for the seasons to change, excited for seeing family more often, excited to spend time with Jae. and i'm excited for growing and learning, both mentally and spiritually.

what are your thoughts as we enter these last few weeks of the year?

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  1. i know right, its almost mid-november!! what the what?!?!

    thanks for the reminder, i know i need to be more grateful for my life + blessings!