our house: second wind {ish}

it seems we've finally started making progress (again) on our house. it was seriously like we hit a brick wall a few weeks ago and have hardly had any energy to pick back up again. what's with that? doesn't our energy level know that we still have tons to do on our house? i wish it wouldn't forget that so easily.

anyway, we got more than half of our kitchen/hallway/half bath subfloor put in, with the (huge) help from some family. i think we finally got the ball rolling again and if we can just get to drywalling then i'll feel a lot better about things.

have i mentioned the countertop installer guy calls about every couple weeks to see if we're ready for them to come do the countertop yet? and every couple weeks, i tell him with a very sad, head-hanging-low kind of voice 'no, we're not ready yet. our cabinets aren't in yet. we don't even have subfloor in our kitchen yet.' and he says he'll call back in another couple of weeks. well this week he called again, and instead of the usual 'should i call back in a couple weeks' he said 'maybe after Thanksgiving?' haha oh my goodness! even our countertop guy has lost all faith in us.

it has become my goal to be able to actually schedule something with the countertop guy the next time he calls.
it will happen.
in the meantime, here are some pics to update you. even though they probably don't look too much different to you!

Jae, James (BIL), dad - working on getting a new floor beam in. it proved to be more difficult than we had anticipated, but these smarty pants finally got it figured out...using a car jack! and the credit must go to Jae for that idea.{Jae's bro Jordan was there to help, too, but he escaped the picture.}

sister Susan helping me get that awful wallpaper off the bedroom ceiling. notice how wallpaper is called 'wall'paper...not ceiling paper. it's that way for a reason...

dead bird found in our garage. no idea how it got in there or why it was dead. lovely.

our {sub}floor! funny story - we went back a couple days after we'd installed this part of the floor, only to realize we had nailed and glued down that front piece of flooring on top of the electrical cord meant for our dishwasher. excellent. fortunately for us dummies, we only had to unscrew a few screws and were able to pull the cord out without much difficulty. awesome, right?? yeah we are.

i hope to have more pictures from working on it this weekend...

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  1. Seriously can not wait to see the finished product! Keep up the good work!