i love NieNie. as in the NieNie dialogues. don't you?

if you haven't yet stumbled upon her blog, you REEEALLY should. she's an amazing woman/mother/crafter/wife/person who has an even more amazing story.

last friday night, 20/20 did a special on her and her family, and their life for the past couple of years. did i mention that she's AMAZING???

if you missed it or didn't know about it or want to see it again, you most definitely should do that. asap. here:

{you have to copy & paste}

her & her husband went from this:

 to this:

i, of course, forgot to set it to record last friday, so i finally had a chance to watch it last night online. holy wow. i knew it'd be good, but it was really good. it really made my heart hurt just a little bit. Stephanie is so so sweet and strong and i don't know how she does it. but it gives me motivation, if nothing else, to NEVER take for granted anything. period. life is too short. seriously, please go watch it. it'll make you cry. it'll inspire you to be the best you can be.

i'm grateful i got to see this, and i'm grateful to miss Stephanie from the NieNie dialogues for sharing her story.

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  1. i love stephanie, isn't she amazing? pretty much cried my eyes out watching that!