memorial day 2011

the happenings (and mishappenings...is that a word?) of memorial day 2011:

*husband had to work: boo. so mara worked, too. double boo.

*china star take-out for dinner: it's not a bbq,but tasty all the same

*frosty run: lame sauce cuz wendy's is getting rid of all their good twisted frosties. grr! BUT on the way home, we had an experience to remember....we thought we'd seen it all when it comes to that round-a-bout at 5 points in bountiful. but we found out we hadn't. as i started to pull into the round-a-bout, there was a car going THE WRONG WAY! at first it was kinda scary, and i just stopped, cuz i'm like whaaa??? and then we just started laughing cuz it was this old lady, completely driving the wrong way (not even sure how she got going in it the wrong way..) and then had to exit through an enter point, putting her on the wrong side of the road. HILARIOUS. oh gosh. it was very humorous.

*jae got shot! bahaha. k he didn't get shot. but we joked that he did cuz he was bleeding out all over both of us and his shorts and feet and bathroom floor! for those that don't know, he's a diabetic and has an insulin pump. we put his latest pump site on his side, but it's been painful and kinda bleeding for a couple of days, so we opted for just taking it out and putting a new one in. well, pretty sure we (and we means i, since i'm the one that put it in) must have hit a vein, cuz as soon as i pulled it out, it gushed blood everywhere!! oh geez! talk about grab a bunch of tissues and apply pressure asap! but we didn't get it covered before it hit most everything on it's way down to the floor. he's all good now, no more bleeding and no more pain, but it was a bit crazy there for a minute. sorry, love. i'll do better next time, i promise. no veins.

*and of course....bachelorette! love it. drama drama. but seriously....what's with mask guy?

how was your memorial day? we missed out on the cold, rainy cemetary visits cuz of work, but were thinking about our passed loved ones all the same. big thanks to all that have gone before.

happy tuesday :)


  1. i HATE that round about...I have almost died like 5 times!
    p.s. thanks for entering the giveaway!

  2. we spent the ENTIRE day in bed watching netflix. ok not the entire day. we went to the gym in the morning and then did nothing but lay around. it. was. awesome.

  3. That really is too funny about the round about! I love it. :)

    Sounds like the perfect memorial day to me. Take out + laughing + time spent together!

  4. Round about story=awesome! I could just picture the whole thing!